Advocacy Seminar on Building Partnerships, Sangam

2 September 2011- 8 September 2011

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Develop skills in advocacy while gaining knowledge and experience of building partnerships and working together on projects to achieve positive change. Visit our community partners to learn about partnerships and the work being done locally. Share your own experiences with participants from other regions of the world. Find out the latest updates on WAGGGS' advocacy work and how you can be part of it. Receive personalized feedback from experienced WAGGGS facilitators, create an advocacy plan on the topic you feel most passionate about to put into place and prepare to work with your Member Organization back home.


Arrive a day early and participate in the spectacular opening of the Pune Festival on 1 September together with Sangam staff, for a small additional fee.


Ages: 18 - 35


GAT: girls worldwide say "we can create peace through partnerships"

Cost: £300