World Thinking Day

18 February 2013- 27 February 2013


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(If you are looking for information on attending the 2014 Thinking Day event, click here)

Welcome to your post-event page, World Thinking Day participants! We hope you are all doing well back in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the USA. We loved having you all here, and hope you can all visit Sangam again one day.

On this page, we have all the links for your event media.

Attached over on the right side of the page is the Sangam Snapshot that some of you worked on during Leave Your Mark.

To view the livestream of our World Thinking Day Ceremony, click here. This livestream will be available to view until the 24th of March.

To see the virtual campfire with Melinda Caroll, click here.

To view the livestream of the Arts exChange event launch with Melinda Caroll, click here. This livestream will also be available to view until the 24th of March.

Below you can view a slideshow of the 100 pics from your event. If you would like to keep any of the photos, please click here to go to the album, and download and save the photos you want to your own computer as soon as possible, as we may have to delete them in the future when we run out of space on the online album.


And here is a video from our awesome trip to the Bharat Scouts and Guides on World Thinking Day!

The comments on this page are also open, so feel free to leave us at Sangam or your fellow participants a message. We'd love to hear about any presentations about Sangam you give to any guiding or scouting groups or your national organizations, or just to say hi!

Thanks so much for joining us, and may Sangam be ever with you,

Your Sangam Family


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Your comments

Lynn - 10 March 2013 - 1.05PM (GMT)

What a unique experience! My time at Sangam was wonderful and quite the learning experience.
My thanks to all the staff, from Jen, all the ladies who kept us hoping with a great program, the ladies who kept us fed, those we drove crazy with all our shopping in the store,and gardeners who kept the gardens beautiful! To anyone else I missed, Thank you!
I would also like to thank all the participants, as well. What a great bunch of ladies and Dave, you were awesome! It is wonderful to know, I can go anywhere on this earth and know there will always be guiding friends!
I learnt so much that I can take back, not just to guiding, but to the community volunteer work I do through other organizations.

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