Friends of Sangam and The World Centres

Friends of Sangam InternationalFOSI

Friends of Sangam International (FOSI) is a group of committed Sangam supporters comprised of members from all over the world. These individuals care about Sangam World Centre and want to see it thrive and develop. They work together to support Sangam and foster awareness of this beloved world centre.

FOSI is made up of distinct national chapters, as well as support networks, depending on the geographic location of each group. Joining Friends of Sangam International opens up a variety of opportunities and benefits: as a member of FOSI, you are kept up-to-date and informed about the current happenings at Sangam, via newsletters, emails, chat groups, Facebook, events, and informal get-togethers. You are also eligible to attend Friends of Sangam gatherings and special events held at Sangam itself. Best of all, you can count yourself among those who support Sangam and ensure that as many girls and young women as possible enjoy the Sangam experience.

To learn more about Friends of Sangam International, or to join your national chapter or support network, contact Jane Pennington, the Friends of Sangam International Chair, at You can also contact Sangam at

Friends of the World Centres

Friends of the World Centres is an international group of individuals committed to ensuring the best possible World Centre experience at each of the WAGGGS World Centres. Made up of national chapters, Friends of the World Centres works together to fundraise for World Centre projects, and provide equal support to all the Centres.
Friends of the World Centres has recently provided Sangam with the funds needed to do major repairs on our water tower; they are an immense help to Sangam.

To learn more about joining Friends of the World Centres, contact