Save Our Pool

Sangam’s Swimming Pool has been operational since 1974 and it is a great place for our volunteers, guests and staff to relax and connect! Since then, repairs have been undertaken for various issues, but we have never completely rebuilt the pool. Our pool still has the original concrete shell and is finally showing its age.

Currently our Pool is still leaking water along a major crack that has developed through width of the pool. This is evident on the shell internally and externally. We now need to completely rebuild our Swimming Pool!

Fundraising Goal: £75,000!!!!! (Previously £40,000!)


Help us reach our goal, purchase your Swimming Pool tile today! A £100 donation will give you one purple tile in our Virtual Swimming Pool. Help us colour our Swimming Pool purple so we can rebuild our Swimming Pool at Sangam!! If £100 seems a lot, then get creative and purchase your tile with a group of friends, your Trefoil or friends group or your troop.


To donate a Swimming Pool tile or any amount to our campaign, click here. Then email with your 15 word pool tile message!

If you have any questions or need additional information or would like more information on how to make a donation, please email