Sangam Family

Sangam StaffThere are many people who live and work at Sangam! Our staff is made up of international and local employees and volunteers. The international staff are responsible for managing the operations of the World Centre, as well as overseeing and delivering Sangam’s international events and programming. Local staff, who live in the neighborhoods around Sangam, make up the domestic and maintenance teams.

Sangam residents include the international staff as well as the Tare, who live at Sangam but participate in our Community Programme and volunteer with Sangam’s Community Partners outside of the Centre, in the city of Pune.

Our career staff, such as the World Centre Manager, Deputy World Centre Managers, and Programme and Guest Services Coordinators, hold their positions for several years. Other members of staff, including the Sangam Volunteers and the Interns, serve on a rotational basis. Their term lengths vary, but are always between three and six months. The Community Programme runs twice a year, with both three month or one month options.

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