Scholarships and Travel Grants

Scholarships and Travel Grants

Sangam is privileged to offer scholarship and travel grant opportunities for selected programmes. All of our funding for scholarships and travel grants are possible because of donations from Friends of Sangam groups, organisations like World Foundation, and individuals who want to provide opportunities to young women from all over the world.

The following opportunities are currently available:

Community Programme

We have scholarships and travel grants available for Sangam's Community Programme provided by the UPS Foundation. Simply mark on the Community Programme application form that you would like to be considered for a scholarship or travel grant.


Funding is available for participants to receive scholarship and travel grants to attend our scheduled Be the Change events. Regulary check our website, facebook and twitter for more information on when these applications are available.

Asia Pacific Members-Amy Bush Bursary

Sangam offers scholarships to young women from the Asia Pacific Region each year. Contact your International Commissioner for more information on how to apply for this opportunity.


Want to make a donation for scholarships and travel grants?

If you would like to donate towards scholarships and travel grants to provide even more opportunities for young women to visit Sangam, contact