Behind The Scenes

The beginning of your Community Programme experience will include participating in Tare orientation. For 12-week Tare, orientation also includes taking part in a Sangam event. During this time you will grow familiar with the local area and customs, and receive an introduction to Indian social issues. You will also learn more about and have the chance to visit the Community Partner organization at which you will volunteer.

Throughout your Tare term, whether you participate in the 12-week or 4-week programme, you will volunteer for four days a week with your Community Partner. Your hours will generally be between 9 AM and 5 PM. You will travel to and from your Community Partner site by rickshaw or by bus, and pack a lunch in a “tiffin”, or Indian lunchbox, to eat on site. One day a week, rather than going to site, you will receive lessons in Hindi, one of India’s two national languages, from a professional language teacher. On these days you will also participate in debriefing sessions, cultural excursions, and educational activities in cross-cultural awareness to further your self-development throughout the Community Programme. On evenings and weekends, you maybe are free to explore Pune and surrounding areas . You will also use this time to prepare for your work with your Community Partner organization.

You will be assigned your Community Partner organization based on your preferences, skills, and the needs of the Community Partner organization. Sangam regularly partners with educational, medical and environmental organisations. The majority of partners in the Community Programme offer our Tare the chance to work with children and young people in a variety of settings and situations

Some of these include:

Door Step School

Door Step School runs non-formal education classes for Pune children and works to keep children in school.

What Tare Do:

Tare at Door Step School teach English, run activities and games, and serve as ambassadors of global awareness and education.

Previous Tare Include:

Sue (Australia) 

I have just completed a most wonderful 4 week Tare position with the Tara Mobile Creche. This was a very moving and rewarding experience. Working with children from about 1 year old to 16 years old. Numbers each day were different, with some days up to 50 children (even more over the Diwali holidays).
Being accepted to this position was amazing, and my experiences each day even more so. Mothers, with young babies, accepting us to look after their children, and the children getting used to us, was rewarded with big smiles and hugs daily (and tears when we left).
Sitting on the floor teaching the little ones animals - some they knew and others they didn't - and the sounds they made, I had them laughing a me more often than learning anything. My sheep and horse sounds had them in stitches. We also learnt colours, shapes, fruit and counting.
My life had been enriched by their smiles, and the knowledge that I have helping them in some small way. I don't think I will ever forget all those big dark brown eyes looking at me.
I thoroughly enjoyed my term as a Tare, and maybe one day will return again.

Nicola (Ireland) 

Hi I’m Nicola, I’m 24 years old, from Ireland and was a 12 week Tare from September - December 2013. It is hard to describe just how amazing the 3 months I have spent as a Tare has been. I’ve made some lifelong friends with my fellow Tare and Sangam staff. I also feel I built a very strong relationship with the teachers on my site in Doorstep school. And of course then there was the children… The beautiful kids were what made everything here worthwhile and all the more amazing. Their wonderful smiles and the wondrous happiness in their eyes each day was what kept inspiring each and every day while I was a Tare. It was tough to say goodbye, but I know I’ll always treasure the memories that were made here in India

Arisu "Alice" (Japan)

The 1st week  was not easy for me to understand real India.

I have many Indian friends who I met at Goa University in India. They have car, smart phone, have many clothes … live same way as Japan and western country. Children of Door Step School  was quite different from my Indian friends. They only have few clothes, no shoes, and some seemed as though they hadn`t taken shower for a long time….

At first it made me confused because I thought I knew about India. BUT now I know both sides of India. Now I know real India!!!!!!!
In this 1 month, I learnt a lot of things from teachers and children of Door Step School. If I smile, children smile and I’m surrounded by them. If I show sign of fatigue, children step away from me.
It is easy thing that our feelings are connected.
When I was in Japan, I communicate with my scouts in Japanese. Think back of these days in Japan, I might forget to smile for them because I was frantic to leading them. I forgot enjoy myself.
But this 1 month reminds me natural and unstudied way of smiling.
I should bring back my this smile to my scouts who are waiting me in Japan. Thanks for giving me a wonderful opportunity to work with Door Step School. I will come back again!

Tara Mobile Crèche

Tara Mobile Crèche provides safety and schooling for the children of families living and working on Pune’s construction sites.

What Tare Do:

Tare at Mobile Crèche run non-formal educational activities, teach basic English, play games and make crafts with the children, and educate them about the world beyond Pune and India.

Previous Tare Include:

Jennie (UK)

Its coming to an end now my time as a Tara Mobile Creche Tare. There has been fun, laughter, tears, anger and smiles. I have made many friends from different countries and some amazing friends at the crèche.

It has gone too quickly and I wish I could stay longer. At the mobile crèche we had the theme transport and I never knew I could draw so many different cars, buses, trains. The children loved to colour them in when I drew them. They loved using the salt dough to make cars, boats and aeroplanes, a few snake models found their way on to the drying plate too.

The teachers were very caring, and always wanted to help. We painted a murial out side the school to help brighten up the place. We also joined it onto the one the previous tare did. We did the left side of their window.

I will miss the teachers, staff from sangam but most of all the children. Language was by passed with hand movements, acting and lots of hugs. Everyone had big loving hearts and have touched my heart. This has been my most amazing experience in my life so far. I am hoping that one day I will be able to return to be a tare again, but would love to come for 12 weeks next time.
Nicole  (Ireland)

The fact that I ever made it to Sangam at all still amazes me – I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship towards doing the twelve week community partner programme and I am very glad I did! 

While here I was working with Tara Mobile Crèche on the One North site, for the twelve weeks I was here I worked with about 70-80 children every day doing songs, games, crafts and some basic English lessons. I also spent part of my day helping out with the babies and helping with feeding them and getting them to sleep after lunch. I’d be lying if I said it was all smooth sailing, there were definitely some bumps in the road but with a little determination and some support from the people at Sangam I managed to get through all of it and see the programme through ‘til the end. 

The experience here has been unlike any other Guiding or Scouting experience I’ve ever had and it is something that I am definitely never going to forget. Getting to surround myself with a culture that is so vastly different to my own and immersing myself in it entirely has been a fantastic experience. I have made some really good friends through this programme who I know I will stay in touch with. 

Sangam is an incredible place and I will definitely be doing my best to get back here at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Anand Gram

Anand Gram, which means “City of Joy,” is a former leper’s colony that now runs a school for children connected to leprosy and/or from the local area.

What Tare Do:

Tare at Anand Gram teach English classes throughout the day to children in Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Standards, ages eight and up. They also share about their home cultures and bring global awareness to their students.

Previous Tare Include:

Marie Anand Gram August to November 2013Marie (USA)

There is so much to say about my experience and the opportunity I have been given...there is as much challenge as there is ease but at the end of the day, seeing the children so excited is what makes it all worth it. My hope is that I have influenced them as much as they have me! As my time in India closes, I reflect on the wonderful, welcoming and inviting Indian people I have met here as well as my new Sangam family. This is an experience that allows you to grow personally, professionally, and emotionally and will have an impact on the rest of my life. Be open to the newness that is brought to your life through the experience of India!!! Calo! 

Deep Griha Society

Deep Griha Society began as a medical clinic, and now offers a variety of programmes for those dwelling in slum communities.

What Tare Do:

Tare at Deep Griha can take part in medical work at the clinic or through Deep Griha’s HIV/AIDS services, DISHA and Wake Up Pune. They can also volunteer in the crèche; assist with teaching and coaching classes for children, adolescents, and young adults; serve as English instructors to teachers; and help with vocational classes for men and women of all ages.

Previous Tare Include:

CarineCarine (Rwanda)

Namaste, I am Carine (Carina Kapoor), from Rwanda, I’ve been involved with the Guides since 2000, now I’ve been in Sangam for 12weeks as Tare and I am the first Rwandese to be resident in Sangam.

During the past 12 weeks, I have been volunteering in Deep Griha Society, I passed most of my time there in crèche and the coaching class. It was new for me to work with the kids but I had an incredible experience there. I learnt a lot of things from the people I worked with and the Kids which I will never forget. In the crèche, I had so much fun with the kids and the teachers, doing crafts, games, singing,colorings… with them and at the end of my time here, we painted one of the wall in each room (coaching and crèche). In coaching class, we spent our time teaching English, crafts, song and games as well.

The most amazing thing is to be able to work and communicate with the people that you don’t speak same language and had fun in all days. I will never forget kids call me Didi. The last thing, me and Amy (4wk) we made a new banner of DG.

I had great time while I were living in Sangam, with the most talented, empowered and inspired ladies from around the world. I gained new friends, had fun day by day, and work together, from them I got inspirations and they changed my life.I got the chance to discover India, the culture, food, Gods, and people.

I would like to emphasize that without the scholarship, I will not be able to participate in this amazing and exciting experience. I am so grateful to the sponsors without their support my dream would never come true.This experience was exciting, inspiring, challenging and awesome. I had an amazing time here. I will come back again!!!!      


eCoexist is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting eco-friendly products through socially sensitive means.

What Tare Do:

Tare at eCoexist will work in the main office, assisting with the implementation of strategy and helping with daily operations. Their work, which will include marketing and communications tasks, will help eCoexist achieve their goal of helping the environment through the trade of goods and services that aid the community.

Green Tare Foundation 

Green Tara Foundation, formerly Aarya Tara Mahila Trust helps to develop adolescent girls into independent member of their community and society. 

What Tare Do:

Tare at Green Tara Foundation will work with the young girls and women through non-formal education based activities with a Community Worker on very current topics including child marriage as one example. Part of the volunteering is based within the office to help support the generally running of the office. 

Previous Tare Include:

Natalia (Canada)

My name is Natalia and I am from New Brunswick, Canada! I was a 12 week tare from Sept-Nov 2013 and love love loved the experience. My placement with the Green Tara Foundation was a match made in heaven. I was welcomed into their world changing family and accepted as one of their own. We became one unified body, empowering young girls and women. My stay at Sangam was also a wholly positive experience! With the love and support of Sangam staff, volunteers, tare, and guests, I was free to process challenges and celebrate achievements. I made new friends, laughed a lot, and came to feel like I belonged at Sangam. I will likely feel that way for quite some time.
Liz Green Tara Foundation Liz (UK)
Hi I am Liz a 53 year girl from Wales who has just had an amazing experience as a Tare working with the Green Tara Foundation. If you are thinking of joining the Community Programme do not hesitate, no matter how young or old,you will fit in.  Green Tara works with teenage girls and women off ages building their confidence, giving them skills and emotional support.  It is all about empowerment and you will feel empowered while you are with them. Check out the Green Tara Foundation facebook page for an idea of what they are up to.  The programme is so varied but, as a Tare on a regular basis, you will work with young girls, supporting the community workers as they deliver their sessions by providing fun and education in one. So just 'Go for it!
Peta (Australia)

I have been working with Green Tara for 4 weeks.  I have been working in the Ramgad slum with about 25 girls, (not all at once).  I have focused on self-esteem and what a woman can do when she grows up.  As I worked with these girls I was called ‘Didi’ or ‘Peta Di’, (sister).  This was an honor and a privilege,

I was also able to visit a close by village and help run a “stop the Violence Against Women” Campaign.  This was a truly amazing experience, we were able to watch a street play that the ladies at Green Tara had made up, it was about it being illegal to ask for a Dowry when getting married.  We didn’t understand the language but we got the jist and was amazing!Working with Green Tara it has been an incredible experience. 

The advice I would give any new Tare: Have fun, Talk to the Staff, Don't be scared, It’s the simple activities that the girls like, read them stories and bring them craft and sing songs.  Get down on their level and play, Close your eyes and jump in with two feet, the people at Green Tara will catch you and welcome you into the family!  

Korana "Koka" (Slovenia)

Before I arrived here I was wondering why the Community Programme volunteers are called Tare, meaning "a star". 

Living and working in this busy and bustling country I changed my perception about the stars. In my culture we are taught that they are usually big, very shiny and are often portrayed alone. Here I learnt a different meaning of the same thing.

Being a Tare felt like being a softly tingling star within a big family of stars where everybody has her very special shine and never stands alone. It was an honour to be a part of this entangled, fascinating and very special constellation and I'm very grateful for all the opportunities that came my way to challenge myself and make a difference.

My proudest contribution to the work of the star's family was creating a website for the Green Tara Foundation. My wish is for it to enable the Community Partner to share information about the amazing work they do with adolescent girls and young women more widely as well as potentially attract funders.

My experiences of living in Sangam, being a Tare, connecting with so many amazing people, and traveling in the north of India were life enriching and insightful. I have many fascinating learnings and memories to take with me. The fact is that I can't wait to come back to India!


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Jc Carranza - 10 May 2012 - 6.53AM (GMT)

Hi sisters! I would like to know if be a TARE have the opportunity to get a scholarship to Western Hemisphere specially to Central America, as Our Cabana does get some scholarship to go the do a volunteer service even for a short or long term?

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