Sangam Interns

Sangam offers several internships:

Interns at Sangam have the opportunity to explore Indian culture, experience international Guiding and Scouting, and develop personal and professional abilities while honing a specific skill set required by Sangam. Interns can bring their ideas and talents to Sangam and contribute to the management and development of Sangam World Centre.

To apply to be a Sangam Intern, you must be at least 21 years old and a member of a national Guiding or Scouting organization that belongs to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Applicants are reviewed for Guiding/Scouting experience, particularly on a national level. Experience at Sangam and in India is also preferred. Strong written and conversational English is a must, as is computer literacy and familiarity with technology, including projectors, sound equipment, and basic digital filming and editing. Excellent interpersonal skills and the temperament and ability to work under challenging conditions are also required.

To apply, you must fill out the form attached to this page, and specify which Internship you would like to be considered for. Send your completed application via post or email to

Read on for more information about which Internship would be best for you! Check out the Role Descriptions attached to this page for even more information!


Programme Intern

The Programme Intern at Sangam provides support to the the Programme Team. This is an ideal position for those interested in community development; the Programme Internship provides a hands-on, on-the-ground experience working with Community Programme participants (Tare) and event participants while supporting the volunteer experience of both Tare and Sangam Volunteers. It also offers extensive management experience, the opportunity to broaden your communications and leadership abilities, and the chance to live and work in a diverse, multicultural environment in a Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting setting.

As Programme Intern you will work to build the capacity of the Programme Team, bringing innovation and creativity to the development of Sangam’s community leadership opportunities. You will monitor and evaluate programme outcomes and benefits, and serve as the primary promoter of the Sangam Programmes to event participants, guests, and people around the world.

Programme Internship Terms

17 December 2014 - 15 April 2015; Due date for applications is 1 August 2014.


Marketing and Communications Intern

The Marketing and Communications Intern at Sangam provides support to the Guest Services Team through promotion of Sangam—through the website and virtual world; products and advertising in the Sangam shop; and connections with the WAGGGS World Bureau and Friends of Sangam groups. This is an ideal position for those interested in learning about the internal workings of a large non-governmental organization and the promotion of events, products, programmes and opportunities. As the Marketing and Communications Intern, working with a diverse staff and liaising with local vendors and manufacturers, you will enhance your communications skills, and develop your leadership abilities by managing Sangam’s virtual media and on-site shop. What’s more, the Marketing and Communications Intern enjoys this developmental opportunity at an international Guiding and Girl Scouting Centre, living and working in a multicultural environment.

As Marketing and Communications Intern, you will utilize your creativity to spread the spirit of Sangam around the world!

Marketing and Communications Internship Terms

Future dates will be available in early 2015.


Guest Services Intern

The Guest Services Intern at Sangam helps to ensure a positive guest experience to all who enter Sangam’s gates, from event participants and independent guests to day visitors, volunteers, and Tare. This is an ideal position for anyone with a background in hospitality, guest services, retail or customer service. As the Guest Services Intern, you will enhance your communications abilities and face-to-face people skills as you interact not only with Sangam’s diverse, multicultural staff but also the many guests from around the world who visit Sangam every day. You will also experience the excitement of international Guiding and Girl Scouting as only living and working at a WAGGGS World Centre can achieve.

The Guest Services Intern provides invaluable support to Sangam, often serving as the first face of Sangam to the many girls and young women from around the world in search of outstanding international opportunities.

Guest Services Internship Terms

17 December 2014 - 15 April 2015; Due date for applications is 1 August 2014.

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