Sangam Activities

There are many Guides, Girl Scouts, parents, leaders and volunteers around the World who have never heard of Sangam. There are also many who know that Sangam is the Indian World Centre, but don’t really understand what that means.

By using the Sangam Resources, we hope you will be able to help us to:

  • interest all members in visiting Sangam
  • encourage adult members, particularly young women, to apply to be a Sangam Volunteer, Intern or to take part in Sangam’s Community Programme
  • promote an understanding and appreciation of Indian culture
  • have fun learning about Sangam!

Sangam Resources

Download our Sangam Resources today, you can download them all or just one or two! These include many activities and information about Sangam and India.

Sangam Resources, Part 1

Sangam Resources, Part 2


World Sangam Day

You can use these resources as part of your World Sangam Day celebrations! The aim of World Sangam Day is to promote knowledge of Sangam around the World, and of course to raise some money for Sangam as a much-needed and much-appreciated birthday gift on the 16th of October!

World Sangam Day Resources


Sangam Cup

You can use activities from previous years' Sangam Cup activities. They can be used during your meetings as a game, or even as trivia for a Sangam Night!

Sangam Cup 2014

Sangam Cup 2013


WAGGGS World Centres Promotional Session

Download this fun and exciting outline to use as a World Centres Promotional session. It is easily adaptable to any age group!

Promotional Session



These resources were made available with the generous help and dedication of the following people: Judy Harris, Donna Lednicky, Vicki Callaway, Gwen Lee, Arielle Dundas, Pervin Anklesaria, Darshana Pawaskar, Minakshi Jadhav, Nirmala Bhakre, Emily Magnotta, Susan Randall, Eszter Toth, the Sangam Nivedita Guides, Friends of Sangam (UK) and Friends of Sangam (New Zealand), Aruna Butala and Ajita Ichalkaranje. Thanks for your continued support of Sangam!


11 September 2013 Sangam Cup Registration Form 2013
Registration Form for Sangam Cup 2013.
6 May 2013 World Sangam Day Resources
World Sangam Day specific resources
7 October 2012 The Sangam Cup Registration Form
The Sangam Cup Registration Form

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