Young Women Leading for a Greener Future

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24 Febrero 2012


European Commission Youth UnitThe 'Young Women Leading for a Greener Future' event  is a part of a one-year long project funded by the European Commission (action 3.2 Youth in the World) and organized according to WAGGGS' WLDP educational criteria and aimed at developing the potential of girls and young women across WAGGGS. 

Composed of different phases, this project will have at its core a WLDP training event that will take place at Sangam (Pune, India) from 14 to 20 March 2012.

For more information please see our special webpage.

The purpose of the WLDP is not only to develop WAGGGS leaders but also to build and develop the leadership within the Organisation. Leaders who take part in the WLDP will develop practical leadership skills to apply as a leader in their Member Organisations thus contributing to their Association’s growth and development through application of core leadership skills and knowledge.

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